Phill Neale has created Classic Pine furniture and interiors for 30 years, producing quality solid wood furniture. This timeless product adapts to new styles and finishes and always at affordable prices.


Caroline at Crystal Designs has created ‘Pebble Spray’ jewellery range from natural gemstone which complements a timeless style or a thoughtful gift idea.


Both working in Nottinghamshire, we have created contemporary ranges using our own skills and experiences. We often travel and enjoy coastal resorts, where we have been inspired by the effects of the environment and natural materials.


Besides classics such as the farmhouse table, benches and a range of drawer chests, our new ranges include sea-washed finishes, antique iron hangers, imaginative solid pebble hanger shelves and classical gemstone jewellery with the natural beauty of the stones.

You can follow us at markets and shows throughout the country, where you will be able to see and enjoy the products. We offer great products, affordable prices and we work closely to create your colour range or size requirements.